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Dell XPS 2-in-1 laptop computer. Released early 2018, model number 9575.

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Can a failed Thunderbolt Port be repaired

I have an XPS 15 9575 purchased two years ago. About 3 months ago one off the Thunderbolt ports quit working. Dell wouldn’t help since the PC is out of warranty. I am trying to find any help I can with this problem. Diagnostic help would be a good start. Is there anything that can be done with this issue or am I stuck with a non functioning port forever?

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Hey Art,

You could check to see that the port is enabled first in the BIOS. I believe to get into a Dell you have to use the F2 key on boot. The option you would be looking for is under ‘System Configuration’ then under ‘USB Configuration’. From there you can change the Thunderbolt port settings.

You can try checking for drivers as well. Try uninstalling the port in device manager and allow it to be re-found.

Hope this helps!

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Just 8 months after the first thunderbolt port failed, the second thunderbolt has now failed. I have not been able to find any information if this hardware can be repaired or replaced on the laptop. I don't want to repace perectly good computer just because two of the four ports are not working. Can anyone tell me if these things can be fixed or am I out of luck?


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