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Released in June 2016 with the internal code name of GP104-200-A1, the GTX 1070 features 7.2 billion transistors along with 8 GB of GDDR5 video memory.

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What is the part labeled as a capacitor R33 ON GRAPHICS CARDS?

Block Image

I uploaded an image of the part.

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I thought they were inductors. But they were imprited C generally that means a capacitor. Its is why i was so confussed. In all my components i do not have any caps that look like that. Inductors i have plenty that will work even for just testing. Thanks for the information.


@rhempz01 The reference designators on your board as listed as L12, L23, L22, L21 all of which are inductors. The Cxxx is for the components next to it. check your other components. Something got hot on your board......best of luck to you!


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@rhempz01 that is an inductor. The R represents the decimal points and the 33 is the inductance. So in your case it is a 0.33uH inductor.

BTW your components all look like they have gotten pretty hot at one time. Double check on that. Remember that there are no schematics available for most video cards. So you’ll have to do a lot of guessing.

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