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4-Zoll iPhone herausgebracht im März 2016 mit ähnlicher Hardware und Spezifikationen wie das 6s. Erhältlich in Silber, Space Grau, Gold oder Roségold mit 16/64 GB Speicher. Modell A1662 und A1723.

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Distortion on earpiece after replacing screen

I’ve recently replaced a broken screen on my iPhone SE (2016), the replacement is not an official iPhone screen but from an observational point of view and according to the website, it is of high quality.

However, ever since I installed it, the earpiece of my phone sounds distorted, not only to myself but also to whoever I am on the phone to, which makes me think that the distortion is affecting my phones noice cancellation.

I suspect that when I re-attached the earpiece I may have fixed the screws too tightly, and in doing so, preventing the small springs that are attached to the earpiece from absorbing enough vibration to prevent the distortion.

Any thoughts over what can cause this problem would be very much appreciated, thanks.

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As you said, this is likely due to the installation of the earpiece speaker and front sensor flex assembly. Should be easy enough to open up the device and remove the shield over the speaker. Make sure all the sensors are aligned and everything fits well(eg. no force required for it to be flush with screen), and then put the shield back on, not too tightly.
Turn it back on and give it another test and see if anything has changed. Typically if the speaker is making even some noise, that means it isn’t broken and may just need to be cleaned or aligned properly. Also make sure the speaker grille is clear and clean, although that shouldn’t be an issue on a new screen.

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Thank you so much for a very detailed answer.


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