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Portable Laptop Computer powered by an Intel Celeron Processor running on Windows XP. Model NO: MS2109

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What does this error message mean? "cannot load Res_dll"

I have just reoaded xp pro onto this acer travelmate notebook. All went well I thought until I started loading the Acer drivers. Then out of nowhere I get this error message "cannot load Res_dll". and it wont quit coming up even when I've stopped trying to load anything!!

what does it mean operationally, and how can I either load "Res_dll" or get it to quit coming up?

I'm giving the laptop away (I've converted to Macs) to a friend so I formatted the drive and did a clean install.

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Hi, One possible problem area is if you have a linksys controller. If you do they recommend deleting it and reinstalling. I suggest you google your problem--you will receive many suggestions. I am including the link to Microsoft's posting on this problem. Hope this helps and good luck.


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Thanks, you may have hit it. I had tried to load driver for a linksys wusb adapter for wireless network. didn't put it with the error message at the time.


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