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Welcome to the Fast Fix project page! The Fast Fix project is part of iFixit's University Technical Writing program. This project is all about quick and simple fixes for household items like bikes, guitars, toys, and more. If you are a student looking for more information on the Fast fix project, please visit edu.ifixit.com and click on the "Fast Fix" project type.

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hammerhead gts 150 cc governor removal

I have a hammerhead go kart gts 150 cc and it tops out at 35.9 on a good day. It doesn’t have a regular speed governor. Instead it has an electrical governor. How do I remove it to go faster

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Not finding any info on how to remove it.. I did however pull this from the hammerhead manual. Maybe it will help. There's also some mods available, apparently, that will boost power. If the electronic governor is built into a control module you may be able to find software for that. But I can't find anything telling me where it is even located.

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so can you just remove the bolt?


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