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Windows 10 is a major version of the Windows operating system. It was released in 2015.

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My screen went black and then went white.

I was playing roblox, lagging for a bit but isn’t wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. My screen went black for a second, and then black again for longer. I was sitting there for about 2, or 3 minutes searching up how to fix it, when I looked up, it suddenly changed to a flicker of notepad, I used it to write something, and then white. I don’t know the issue, help please.

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What is the make and model number of the device?

Have you tried restarting it to check if the display is now OK?

Does your device meet the minimum system requirements to run roblox without problems - you said that lagging wasn't anything out of the ordinary?

If so have you checked what else may be running in the background (anti virus, other programs etc) that may be using system resources that if not used may help roblox to function more smoothly?

What have you checked?

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