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8th generation of Chevrolet's full sized SUV, based on the GM GT400 platform.

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Vibration at 62mph+ but tires are balanced

when driving, once I hit 62mph+ I get somewhat strong vibrations from what feels like the passenger front. Braking has no effect on vibrations, other than slowing me down which under 62mph the vibration goes away. My first thought was tires. Had them balanced and rotated. Had zero change from this. Second thought was cv axle. But then I remembered that's only on fwd or 4wd. Mine is rear wheel drive so there is no cv. Then I thought maybe front wheel bearing but I'm not getting any of the noises typical of bearing failure. Tearing my hair out over here because going most places requires highway speeds.

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Hi @brandon_k ,

Have you checked the shock absorbers?

Try the "bounce test".

Push down hard on one front corner of the vehicle and then let go. When it starts to come back up push down hard again.

Do this 3-4 times in a row to set up a rocking motion and then stop and allow it to come back up.

The car should settle back to the "at rest" position without continuing to move of its own accord.

If it continues to rock then the shock absorber is faulty.

Do this on both sides.


@jayeff bounce test is good. Both sides. From the moment I stop bouncing it to the moment it stops moving is 1 second or less



Did you check the steering arm bushes and/or ball joints for wear?


@jayeff not yet. Still need to get down and check those. Think I've got a bearing going on the DS though. Grabbed the tire and shook it back n forth and it moved both when I did it horizontal and when I did vertical.


How about mud, are the wheels completely clean.


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There could be several reasons for this problem:

  1. Make sure tires are properly inflated all the way around
  2. Wheel Bearings
  3. Tie Rods Ends
  4. Ball Joints
  5. Braking System ex. (Rotors, Brakes, Calipers, etc.)
  6. Or could it be an engine issue at higher speeds as if the engine isn’t getting the proper ventilation/oxygen it needs to correctly run? Spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas as of where to check next. I am no master mechanic but I can tell you from the problems I have had related to this have almost always been engine or braking system related.

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How do you check tie rod ends and ball joints? I suspect from shaking horizontal and vertical that the problem could be wheel bearings. Knees not letting me check just yet. Am going to replace rotors at same time (previous owner bought some but didn't put them on) along with new pads. As for engine, new that I've put on: fuel pump and sock, fuel filter, plugs and wires, rotor and cap, tps sensor, and brake booster. If you know how to check ball joints and tie rod ends id appreciate it. I know a fair bit as a diy home mechanic. But never had those go bad before



Here's a video that shows how to check which may help.


@jayeff i will have to do that tomorrow. See if I can figure it out. Because I'm at a loss.


Ok so far, it has a new TPS, new cap n rotor on distributor, new ICM, new plugs and wires, new ignition coil, new fuel pump, sock, and fuel filter, new front rotors, new front brake pads (calipers good), new inner and outer bearings on both sides in the front (packed well with hi temp wheel bearing grease), visual inspection didn't find anything wrong with tie rods or ball joints. Spindles that rotors go on looked good, bearings were snug with no play when put back on it.



I know it sounds a bit strange and I realize that you have balanced and rotated the tyres (presumably front to back same side) but I'm wondering if the tyres are out of round.


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