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Also known as the Mega Drive II, this is a smaller, lighter, 2nd-generation version of the popular Genesis console, released in 1993.

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Sega Genesis 2 will not boot, even though the power light comes on

My system worked fine recently, but today I powered it up and the BIOS screen wouldn’t show up. I disassembled the system, and all the inputs seemed to be soldered correctly. Is there something I might have overlooked, or might it be something related to the A/V cable? (The cable is an RF modulator cable, by the way.)

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Can you open up the unit? Does the motherboard smell like fish/fishy? Bad caps are a common problem on Genesis/Mega Drive units.


@andrewsawesome I'm currently away from home, but when I get back on the weekend, I'll give it a check. I opened it up, but I didn't think to smell it.


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There might be something really wrong with your motherboard. Take apart the console and check for grime, dead or corroded caps, and corrosion. Maybe check the CPU/GPU?

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When I took it apart, I didn't see anything wrong with it.


Try replacing the caps. The caps might be dead entirely.


Also, there might be something really wrong with the board. Maybe, try getting a replacement board here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/154323420288?ch...


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