Backbeat Fit 3150 - case not charging

I would appreciate some help with the charging case for my Backbeat Fit 3150” which isn’t charging. My “Backbeat Fit 3150” is a very different device from the pictured “Backbeat Fit”, but this is the closest fit. The Backbeat Fit 3150 is pictured here:

There are two separate earpieces, no connecting cable between the earpieces. The charging cord (mini USB) plugs into the case, and the earpieces need to be placed in the case to charge. There is no way that i have discovered to charge the earpieces except by placing them into the case. The case includes a battery which can be used to recharge the earpieces even when the case is not connected to a charging cable.

My case won’t take a charge. The cords I am using have worked with the case in the past. I have tried several different USB cables, with no change. I verified that other devices take a charge from the cable, so it is not a faulty cable or bad electrical outlet. The case worked fine until about a week ago; now it doesn’t take a charge at all. There is no visible damage, it didn’t get wet, and I don’t recall dropping it.

The reason i think this is the case and not the earpieces is: The case has a charging light that will light when it is charging. The earpieces also have an LED that turns on when the earpieces are placed into the case and begin charging. When a charging cord is connected to the case, the charge light on the case doesn’t light up. Also, no matter how much I fiddle with adjusting the earpieces into the case, the LEDs on the earpieces won’t light up any longer when placed into the case for charging (to me this signifies that no charge is coming from the case). This is the same whether the charging cable is connected or disconnected. When I place the earpieces into my ear and turn them on, I get a low battery warning—which means to me that they are working but not charging. I cleaned both the charging pins in the case that electrically connect the earpieces to the case and also the corresponding contact points on the earpieces with canned air and with a dry toothbrush. No change.

Until the charge ran out, the headphones worked fine.

Has anyone had success fixing one of these charging cases?

Thanks very much for your assistance!

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