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Released 2008 (Approximately). HITACHI L42VC04U

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My tv screen has just start going black but I still have sound

I can’t find the power button on the tv to reset it

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What is the model of your TV? If you shine a flashlight on the TV screen while the TV is on, do you see a faint picture?


can you please tell is what device(s) you are attempting to use your TV with


Hi, in my case I can see a faint imagen when pointing a flash light to the screen anda I can perfectly hear the sound


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You need to do a flashlight test, Turn it on and hold a flashlight up to the screen. If you can see an image then either the power supply board or the backlights are bad.

If you see an image then disconnect the cable going from the power supply board to the main board, If the back lights come on then you need to replace the board. If not then its most likely the backlights need replaced.

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