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Reparaturanleitungen und Hilfen für die 24 Zoll M1 iMacs von Apple, erschienen im April 2021.

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Is glass bonded to display?

Ok, i’ve managed to flip this iMac off my desk while try to use the height adjuster (a 2” thick trade paperback) and have a cracked glass panel. Computer is useable but, well, each time i look reminds me of my stupid. Local mac independent quotes about $720 to replace, $599 of that being front glass. So is front glass affixed to the display, are they sellling me glass only or glass and display?

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Hi, the glass its fixed to de screen, its all one piece, thats why its so expensive to fix. I’ve tried to find the replacement part but I cant find it :( Could someone help us please?


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Unfortunately this model continues the trend of fusing the glass to the lcd that Apple was using on their previous models. If you want to fix the glass, you will need to replace the entire display assembly, hence why the repair is so costly.

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