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Smartphone designed by Xiaomi in the Redmi Note line.

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I cant charge my battery after having it exposed to water

i accidently dropped the phone in the toilet, i dried it properly with rice for 3 days, still turns on but cant charge it

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Unfortunately rice does not help with water damage, for me that is one of the most frustrating myths going around today. Whenever a phone gets wet it should be powered down and left to dry for several days. Ideally you want to take apart the device and clean any areas that are wet with water. You can still try this, but the chances of it working are quite a bit lower due to the phone being powered on again.

First thing to do is take the phone apart and try another charge port. If you are lucky that is the only thing that will have been corroded enough to stop working. While you are in the phone, go ahead and inspect the rest of it and if you see any corrosion, clean it with some isopropyl alcohol, the higher the concentration the better. If you aren’t comfortable with disassembling the phone, try and find a reputable repair shop near you to look at it.

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