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Is leaking water onto the floor in the front of fridge and icing up

My whirlpool side by side fridge is even connected to any water source and it is leaking water onto the floor in the front of fridge and icing up big time on the inside of the freezer on the dispenser. How do I fix that? It is a Whirlpool side by side.

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What is the model number of the refrigerator?

It sounds like the drain tube going from underneath the evaporator unit in the freezer compartment (located behind a panel inside at the back of the freezer compartment - access through the door at the front) to the evaporator pan underneath the compartments near the compressor unit is blocked, preventing the meltwater from the auto defrost cycle from draining away.

If the defrost meltwater can’t drain it backs up and overflows into the freezer compartment and then refreezes when the defrost cycle is over. The ice continues to build up after every defrost cycle which occurs approx. once every 10 hours, until the problem is cleared. Eventually it may stop the evaporator fan from operating and then the refrigerator compartment will not stay cool.

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