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Repair guides and support for computer monitors produced by Samsung.

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Samsung Monitor C24F392FHN display not staying on

My monitor flashes on and off with a buzzing noise after it's turned on then stays black. What could it be?

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When was your monitor made?


Switched mode power supply failure. Nearly always due to capacitor failure(s). It's so common there are companies making kits by make / model to fix them.


Where can I find the kit? Thanks!


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Apologies. I was looking for a different type of power connector as the user manual didn't show the power cable, only said that it plugs into the monitor.

Searching online using the board number reveals that it is cheap enough to replace (example only) as trying to find power problems without the schematic (I couldn't find one online) is very difficult unless there is an obvious component fault e.g. burnt out, heat stressed or blown. Even then it may be hard if the component value markings are burnt or were never there in the first place so you wouldn't know what value component to replace it with, only the type as shown by its designation on the board

If you decide to go this way ensure that the replacement board has the exact same model number and revision number (if there) i.e. BN97-1679A Rev.???? as the original.

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This has the exact BN97-16791A BN96-49139T RoHS 24F"



If the price (including shipping) suits you then perhaps you should consider it.

Also the seller has a 100% positive feedback score which I find reassuring as well. But that's just my view.


Just purchased!

Seem to be the exact monitor as mine.

The description "It was remove from a Curved LED Monitor in good working condition."


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Like Kevin Seargant said, your problem is most likely capacitors.

Do you see any leaky or bulged capacitors (like the picture below)? If so, please comment with the uf rating and voltage (V) of each capacitor, in addition to the brand and series(e.g. Nichicon HM).

Block Image

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Looks like the Part Number is BN97-16791A



Is there no other board in the monitor?

The link and also the board number that you posted are for a mainboard and not a power board.

Looking at images of the board you linked and also images found by searching for the board number you linked there doesn't appear to be any external power input connection on this board.

If there are two boards you would need to check the power board first and then the mainboard


It has a small circuit board where the power switch is. The big flat ribbon cable from the main board seem to go to the LCD


The power connector the @ bottom right the balck connector.


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