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The Dell Inspiron 15-5565 is a 15-inch laptop computer made by Dell.

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There is a black screen after logging in to my Laptop.

When i load up my Dell Inspiron 15 5505 it comes up with the normal welcme and sign in page but once i log in it says Welcome and starts to load to the Windows screen but it takes longer than usual. It then comes up with a black screen and i can see only my cursor. After 3-5 mins it just goes back to normal. Why is this happening because it has been less than a year since i bought this laptop. I even updated the drivers but this issue is still here. Im not sure if it will help but when it first started i had an update available so i did the update and the issue still persists. Please help me.

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Try starting the laptop in safe mode with networking and check if it works OK.


How do I boot into safe mode on my dell laptop?


@Roguee Distortion

This link explains it better than the 1st one i linked


@jayeff I factory reset my laptop and now it works sometimes but out of 5 times I restarted it the BSOD only came up 2 times if this helps


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@Roguee Distortion ,

Some things to try just to eliminate possibilities.

i). Download and run a free memory test program from a USB flashdrive to test that all the memory is OK.

Once you have downloaded the program to a bootable USB drive, insert it into the laptop and ensure that the USB drive is the 1st boot option.

The PC will boot from the USB and run the program. Doing this means that the memory is tested without Windows having to be loaded.

ii). Start the PC as per normal and then open a Command window as an Administrator and run a sfc command

Type cmd in the search box on the Windows Taskbar and when the Command app options appear select run as Administrator. When the Command window opens type in the following command and then hit the Enter key.

sfc /scannow

Note: there is a space before the / symbol but not after. Also if you make a typing error use the backspace key to step back to the error and retype from there. This is old world computing, keyboard only ;-)

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