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Laptop Wont Turn On

Hi Community,

All of a sudden my laptop wont turn on, wont charger etc. just nothing. Is there any diagnostics that I can do myself without sending to apple store or local guy? It seems as though it's the battery, no keyboard lit up, nothing.

I have a multi-meter fyi and I have the fixit screwdriver kit. Can I test the battery taking off the back cover?



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Will the laptop turn on if you disconnect the battery and plug in the charger?


Thank you Andrew. Connected without battery and just cable. It went on but now 500% kernel task makes the computer unusable. Your thoughts?


Hey Andrew, cant start it in Command R mode either. What the fudge happened to my laptop?

I'm going to try to copy files over to external HD in 500% kernel task mode even if it takes a long time right now.


@albertcav Sounds good. If you run into that problem in the future, you can try Option+Command+R or Option+Shift+Command+R instead(The process is different for Apple Silicon devices).


Are you saying this machine is done? Once I get my files etc from HD. How do I fix this machine if I do at all?


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For kernel_task taking up 500% of CPU power, I would:

  1. Back up the drive if you haven't. To do this:
    1. Shut Down your Mac if it isn't already off.
    2. Connect a hard drive or solid state drive via USB.
    3. Press the power button. Immediately, start holding Command+R.
    4. Keep holding Command+R until you see MacOS Utilities.
    5. Choose Disk Utility
    6. Create a partition on the external drive(Mac Format)
    7. Choose “Restore”
    8. For the source, select Macintosh HD(or whatever your MacOS partition is called)
    9. Wait. This process may take a few hours.
    10. Once the restore is done, exit Disk Utility and Shut Down or Restart the computer.
  2. Reset the SMC: Disconnect the AC Adapter, hold the power button for 5 seconds, then reconnect battery and AC adapter and power on the machine.

What happened after completing step 2?

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Hi Andrew,

How do I back up drive with this kernel task ruining everything?


What is step 2?


@albertcav I have updated my answer. It should make more sense now.


After step 2 no change at all. Going to back my hard drive. I found an external. It will not run on the battery.


Safe mode btw doesnt work, wont get to desktop


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both software and hardware errors may lead to this case.

firstly, you may take out the removable battery and plug it with outlet. If it doesn’t help, it means it’s not battery problem.

Then, try resetting SMC:

Make sure the Mac is shut down.

Plug the USB cable to the Mac and power source.

Press ''Shift + Control + Option + Power keys together for 10 seconds.

Then, press Power to turn on the Mac.

Check more details.

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Thank you Cassie Wu, I disconnected the battery and turned on with the just the power cable. However now 500% kernel task makes the computer unusable. Your thoughts?


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