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Reparaturanleitungen und Hilfen für die 24 Zoll M1 iMacs von Apple, erschienen im April 2021.

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Is it possible to replace iMac White bezel glass to Black bezel glass?

Is it possible to replace your iMac 2021 glass and bezel display, to a Custom, Pure Black bezel replacement?

Or not (as I suspect) as the aluminum chin and the whole glass and display are meld and integrated into one?


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Sorry you can’t replace, but you can cover it! There are a few skin companies which offer precut coverings! iMac 2021 M1 Skins

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I see. I actually don't like skin, but if I have no other choice, I'd do that instead ?

Can I ask a more detailed technical explanation why? Why can't a custom manufacturer get an existing iMac screen, peel it off from it's white bezel glass then put it on a black bezel? Or basically create a similar part?

Is that even feasibly technically possible? Or really impossible?

I'm loaded so no matter how expensive this might take me, I'll pay however it cost. It's for a project.


@mancerrss - Sure anything is possible!

But what are you willing to pay and how many people would want it at that price?

Sadly, the price would be just too much! And I doubt you'll be able to find anyone willing to spend the engineering time and the risk on doing it. Time to visit Taipei China where display is made to find someone. If this is that important to you.

Thats why skins are popular! Cheap easy to put on and even change it you want something different!

@mancerrss - Don't forget to score and accept the answer - Thanks!


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Die einfachste Methode das zu ändern ist schwarzes (matt) Klebeband. Dieses auf die Scheibe geklebt (außen überstehen lassen). Den oberen Streifen „zuerst“ mit einem Locher die Aussparung für die Kamera machen und von der Mitte aus kleben. Dann vorsichtig mit einer Rasierklinge überstehendes Klebeband außen vorsichtig abschneiden. Viel Erfolg und Freude mit dem Ergebnis.

The easiest way to change this is to use black (matte) tape. This is glued to the pane (let it protrude from the outside).  Use a hole punch to make the top strip "first" for the camera and glue it from the middle.  Then carefully cut off any excess adhesive tape on the outside with a razor blade.  Good luck and enjoy the result..

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