Dell Inspirion 5593 - 2019 - LCD Broken

To confirm this laptop is a “Dell Inspirion 5593 - 2019 UK model”

Hello so I run a PC/Laptop Repair sideline, and waned to earn some extra cash fixing this laptop. The main problem is the LCD panel is glued into the hinges.

The first attempt I took off the old cracked LCD panel I bent the hinges…once I fitted the replacement LCD the plastic bezel would not fit..I pushed down to hard to get it to fit and cracked the he new LCD panel.

I ended up having to buy new hinges from China and a new LCD back panel from USA. All shipped to the UK. After spending hours carefully installing the new LCD panel..once again the bezel would not fit..and once again it cracked very easily.

I am now in the process of cutting my losses and have phoned Dell for a quote. I can’t believe how poorly designed this laptop is clearly it is not designed to be repaired easily.

Looking on the Dell manual the display panel and hinges get shipped separately:

Will Dell sell me the LCD and hinges to fit my self ?

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