Blower keeps dying when feeding it fuel? Ryobi RBL26GN

My issue is weird.

When I empty the tank, bleed it as dry as I can, then pull it, the blower will start on first pull.

However, if I fill the tank, pump it through with the eye as per directions on the unit dictate, it won’t start no matter how many times I’ve pulled it, as if it’s flooded instantly.

I can empty the tank, bleed it all out, then pull it and it’ll work fine again, but even while it's running, if I add fuel to the tank and the fuel goes in through the line, it dies again.

It's as if it's getting too much fuel and drowning itself.

Why is this happening? Is my fuel just bad? Or perhaps the nozzle inside is blocked up or something, not giving an even spray into the piston chamber?


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