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Also known as the Mega Drive II, this is a smaller, lighter, 2nd-generation version of the popular Genesis console, released in 1993.

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Turns on, gets to the Copyright screen, then goes black and beeps.

I have a Sega Genesis II that when turned on will do it’s normal thing with the copyright screen, but then goes completely black no matter the game and beeps. It seems the amount of beeps changes between games. For example, if I put in Sonic 2, it never seems to stop beeping, but then on the contrary, if I put in Sonic Spinball it beeps like 2-3 times. Does anyone know what this issue could be? Thanks.

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Are you using "known good" cartridges(cartridges that have been tested with another Genesis/Mega Drive)?


Yes, @andrewsawesome, this unit used to work just fine. These games also work in other systems too.


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Are your capacitors

Block Image

through hole or

Block Image

surface mount?

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