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The Motorola V188 features limited web connectivity, GSM, and quad-band connectivity. It was originally released in 2004.

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How to reset to manufacturer’s specifications erasing personal content

How to reset my Motorola V188 to manufacturers’ specifications and erase all personal content?

Thank you

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Hi @someonefixedit ,

Perform a master clear

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Thank you very much. With your link I was able to do the master clear and erased the personal info from the phone.

I also read that Master clear does not delete any information stored in SIM.

Is there any way I could also erase any info from the SIM card?


Hi @someonefixedit ,

I don't know,the manual doesn't detail how to delete entries in the SIM card.

It does say that not everything is stored there so maybe you can use this to check what phone numbers are there. I don't know if there is an option there to erase them or not.

The other alternative is to remove the SIM card and either use it in another phone if the SIM card size is compatible i.e. SIM cards come in 3 physical sizes, nano, micro and standard but they all work the same or exchange it with your service provider for one that fits a new phone or tell them it is faulty and get a replacement and then destroy the original


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