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Cordless hand held vacuum manufactured by Black and Decker in 2017. This can be identified with model number: BDH2000PL

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Two items work only 30sec then switch off.

Dear friends,

I have two B&D 20v vacuum cleaners. Both of them worked exactly 1 year and then had the same issue: work only for 15-30 seconds then are switching off. There are multiples reviews on Amazon about the same problem, thus I think it is worth to try to fix or at least find what the problems it.

The battery pack is soldered to the controller, thus there is no easy way to replace any cell.

How should I start? I do have a multimeter but do not have oscilloscope…

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The battery pack is a 5 cell unit plus circuitry. The circuit monitors the cells during charge and discharge cycles. If one or more cells drop below a threshold safety voltage on discharge the circuit will shut down. The cause of the rapid drop in any one cell is due to ageing which is an increase in internal resistance and an inability to hold charge - a loss in capacity. If any one cell has aged all cells need replacing. They are LG HB7 units which need contact welds and soldering.

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