XBR-65X750D 5 Blinking Red Lights

Hey everyone!

I have run into the 5 blinking lights error code on my XBR-65x750D (2016).. I have been reading online and found to hard reset or power cycle the TV to see if this helped… Nope.

I have currently taken off the back panel and disconnected the Ribbon cable from the TCon board to I believe the main board? Board with the HDMI outputs and what have you. I turned the TV back on with this ribbon cable disconnected, to find no blinking red lights but no picture (Im assuming it has something to do with the main board not being connected).

I am stuck as this point… what does this mean? Is the TCon board the issue or is it the main board? The ribbon?

Note: My TV will not let me power on, it goes from white light and backlit screen right to the 5 blinking lights and the TV shuts off

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