How can I replace the screws holding the kickstand?

Two of the screws came loose holding the right side of the kickstand to the right hinge. Unfortunately, the screws are so tiny that I lost them. I would like to find replacements for them.

I already contacted Microsoft, but they won’t send me replacement screws, and they can’t even tell me the name of this type of screw.

I purchased a kit of screws from Amazon, but none of them fit. The kit included these screws: M2.5*4, M2*2, M2*3, M2*10, M2*8, M2*6, M2*5, M2*4, M2*3, M3*4, M3*8, M3*6, M3*5, M3*4, M2.5*8, M2.5*6, M2.5*5, M2.5*4

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