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Why does my laptop not charge the new cells we put in?

my battery wasn’t the best so me and my friend decided to put in new cells into the battery. when we put it in my laptop to charge the new cells it didn’t want to charge them. we know the cells aren’t dead, because when we put a wire in between both ends electricity came in between the wire and the cells. so the cells aren’t dead and my battery does get recognized by my laptop, so why does my laptop refuse to charge the new cells?

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The board that manages the cells (BMS) gets very unhappy when it notices that there aren’t cells connected anymore (like when you disconnected the old cells). This usually results in the board being permanently disabled. Sometimes depending on the battery, you can reset it, but you’d have to look it up.

For future reference, you can attach the new cells in parallel and then detach the old ones. The BMS usually will be fine then.

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alright thanks for your comment, i'll try it when i get home and i'll give an update when i've done it


i tried everything i found on the internet but i couldn't manage to reset the bms. what do i do now?


@piot013 You'd have to get a used or fake battery replacement and be very careful with it. Laptop BMS circuits are really touchy and there's basically no way around it. I've been in that same boat before :(


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