Pin numbers RCA Tablet RCT6873W42 6.0.1

Well get this I bought mine from walmart on clearance for 9$ . The box said no charger. I said I'll take that. Paid for got receipt got to the car plugged it in seen the activation thing. Receipt didn't have anything like that on it. So I went to the website typed in the tablet serial it said it hasn't been correctly purchased. So made a ticket with the website sent in a picture of the receipt… Few days later I get nothing from the website so I go back to the walmart and electronics manager said that's why it was for 9$ they couldn't get it to activate. Offered me a refund I said no. Few days later I go to a different walmart. And told them. That since it was on clearance they made up a sku # and priced it out. I told them to refund my money. Then scan the box and then do a price over ride for 9$ she was like yeah your right well after about 10 mins she fi ally got it to activate the receipt had the code on it. I'm like yes walked out got to the car. Went to type the code In the text box and no caricatures that i type will show up in the box. Now the screen works because when i touch a key the key color changes color Indecating that I pressed that key. No matter what I do I can't get the code to type/appear in the code text box location.

Someone please help.

Also what a OTG cable can I boot from a sd card or unlock it with a sd card. I have the code what can I do.

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Does the tablet work?


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