Why my Tablet no longer connect to my home WiFi after 7 years

Can't connect tablet to Wi-Fi

My WIFI was working perfectly until I took my computer to my other house for the weekend as I have been doing for years. Nothing is wrong with the computer it works perfectly. My router is the same one as always and still showing signal that it is working. It keeps telling me that it is not connected to the internet.

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Hi @nuyubelievers ,

Is the tablet detecting your WiFi network at all in the WiFi network connections?

Have you tried the “forget this network” option for your WiFi network in the Settings > Network and internet > WiFi settings and then tried reconnecting by entering the password again?


Seven years is enough to make a lot of things break, marriage for example, not to mention wifi.

To find the problem, you need to isolate it first, does your tablet connect to other wifi? Does your wifi work for other devices in your home?


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