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Dropped phone, screen black but charging light is on

Good afternoon,

An acquaintance dropped her phone, after which half of the screen worked for an instant, but then went dead. She would like to have the photos restored that were on the phone (internal memory!), but I think it would be a fun challenge to see if the phone can be repaired

After connecting to the charging port, the charging light flashes.

Shining a flashlight on the screen doesn't show anything, the screen really seems completely dead.

Turning on/off has no effect.

Phone is not recognized by laptop when connected

The phone still looks completely intact, there is no crack or dent anywhere. Only the glass back was a bit loose, so I already removed it. No visible damage on the inside either, after removing battery and motherboard.

Any advice on next steps?

Thanks in advance!

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Was the display cracked?


No, so far I've not noticed any damage.


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I would start with replacing the screen(guide here).

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