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The Motorola Razr V3, also known as the Motorazr V3, was the first Razr released into the market in the third quarter of 2004.

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Phone doesnt turn on and boot loops


So recently I found my mom’s old Motorola Razr v3, and I wanted to recover old images off of it. My mom told me the screen is broken but the outer small one should work.

I did not have the right cable for it, so I ordered one and it arrived today.

I plugged in the phone to my computer and nothing happened.

I held down the power button on the right side and nothing happened. So I clicked the end call button, and it suddenly powered on.

Now it stays on for a few seconds with the screen(s) being off and the speaker making weird bzzzz noises, then it turns off for a second and goes back to the same thing.

I am guessing either the phone is bootlooping for some reason (maybe cause of a dead battery?) or something. Taking out the battery makes the phone not wanna turn on.

So uh, what can I try now?

If nothing works I will try and order a replacement screen and battery for it and try fixing it, hoping it will work so I can recover the data.


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Can you start by plugging the USB cable into a wall charger and letting the phone charge for a few hours?


@andrewsawesome I plugged it in now with a 9W brick, it turned on and does the same thing without me having to click anything. I'll let it sit there for an hour or so and then check back on it.


@andrewsawesome Alright, it beeps weirdly every 2-3 mins or so.


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@rqng replace the battery. All of those weird sounds and behavior could come from a depleted and discharged below its threshold battery.

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The BR50/56 is a resilient pack. I know because I bought one NOS to record a ringtone from my Euro spec V3i to get Kick (liar, from Pop, Punk and Emo - KPM Music release). It just needs to be put on a charger that has 100% total disregard for the BMS, or a computer with a mini-USB cable. I did it on a computer as I could leave the phone be and quickly check it.

As long as it's not expanding, it can often be recovered. The real issue is the SIM... It needs to be installed, even with a "dead" SIM (aka old Mini-SIM, or a prepaid SIM). Most SIM cards are thankfully 3 cut, so OP can buy a new testing SIM in a prepaid starter set, or reuse a used SIM. I've done both. I hope this phone is SIM unlocked, as it'll make it as easy as getting a $1 SIM kit from Dollar General.


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