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THM files when taking pictures off SD card - Kodak AZ252

To get the pictures onto my desktop I remove the card, plug it into my SD slot on the computer. The folder that opens has thumbnail files next to every picture. I have to click every individual file to delete it as they are all in numerical order. Or, select each picture and drag it into another folder to separate them from the thumbnails. Most infuriating.

Is there a way to stop this? Never had it on any Nikon or Samsung camera before, why Kodak?

Thank you for looking and any answers that can resolve this. phil c

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How to get my pictures off my camera



What is the model number of your camera?


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Hi @philchave ,

I think that a THM file is a thumbnail file that is created when you view images or videos by page format.

Also try downloading the image files via USB direct to a computer that way you may only get the files you want.

Try formatting the SD card in the camera - see p.72 after each download to remove the THM files

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