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Windproof and water-resistant, the Patagonia Nano Puff ® Jacket is made with warm, incredibly lightweight, highly-compressible insulation, and is ideal as either an insulating layer or outerwear.

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My jacket changed in color due to the sun . How do I fix?

It seems like due to sun exposure the jacket has changes in color in certain sports (e.g. shoulder area). It’s a black jacket, the colors are faded black or almost reddish. is there something I can do, apply, wash it in? Thank you! The jacket has less than 1 yr of use. I didn’t realize sun exposure (this is for outdoors right?) could damage it.

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you could always just use clothing dye and wash it in the washer with the dye. they usually sell it on amazon or sometimes at grocery stores. just have to get the right color. is it a feather jacket? if so i wouldn’t do this your self as it might ruin the insulation.

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