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Garden shredder does not stay on

I have a garden shredder al-ko h2200. The day i bought it, the guy who was selling it tested it on my eyes and everything went great. Next day i turn it on in my place and it doesn't stay on. There is this switch that is supposed to stay on but it doesn’t and i have to keep holding it to have it keep working which of course is undoable. I opened it and cleaned several times, there is not much to brake or change there, i have no idea what could be the issue.

Please help!

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Maja Borkowska either you have a bad rotary switch or you have something blocking the blade. Double-check everything.

Block Image

Complete manual here AL KO H2200 Shredder

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The blades are running fine, so i suppose it must be a bad rotary switch. How can that be fixed? Do you think it's some electrical problem inside?


It says something about a safety switch in case of overload and I wonder if that is what causes this. Ultimately time to take a look at the switch and possibly replace it with a new one. That at least will not be too complicated or expensive. Any good rotary switch should work for that.


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