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Right joy-con shell does not close well after replacement of joystick

I have replaced my right joy-stick according to the instructions on this website. However, when I place the plastic case back on the joy-con, I find that it does not close properly on the side of the rail. It should be tight fitting but there is a clear gap:

Block Image

I wonder if anyone had the same problem and knows what can be done to properly close it. I thought maybe that the problem originates from the plastic battery case already not closing entirely well, but the screws for that part go in properly without any force.

As a sidenote: The joystick does work, but to calibrate it I need to apply force with my fingers around the joystick, otherwise it doesn’t recognize the joystick during the calibration itself.

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I have repaired quite a few of these without issue now, in this case I would say you have probably gotten either a defective part or you have not quite seated it correctly in the case. I would strip it back down remove the joystick and start again, then you can be sure everything is as expected.

Here is the video I made sometime ago on how to do it: https://youtu.be/pVH802ss_08

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