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Screen Replacement Looses Touch, Restarting it Fixes it

I Repair Phones as a hobby, sometimes people or friends ask me if i can repair their phones, etc. Last week i changed the LCD of an IPhone 8, I have repaired IPhones a lot of times without any problems, but this time, i changed the screen, all perfect, she took the phone and 5 days after she came saying that the touch screen wasnt working, all the phone worked, the screen displayed notifications and all but the touch wasnt working. I took the phone, reconnected the screen and.. it worked again. She took the phone again and other 4 days after same thing. I replaced the screen again, i always purchase on ebay, and i have never had problems. Another screen and 2 days after, same problem.. this time I haven't even disconnected the screen, only the battery connection, restarted the phone and… it worked again. I think even with a forced restartd (volume and power button etc) it would work… any ideas?

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I have had this issue previously and to be honest I just got really unlucky with the screens. I tend to purchase from replacebase now as the quality is much better and you dont get these issues.

Other thing to try is to put the old screen back in if you still have it and assuming it works then you can test that for issues. That way you can at least narrow it down to the new screen.

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