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Laptop USBs not working correctly.

Hello there.

When I first bought the Lenovo V310-15IKB laptop, everything was working as intended, after some years problems with USBs started showing up. At first, the USB 2.0 port stopped recognizing USB 3.0 devices, then it stopped working completely. After some time, one of my USB 3.0 ports stopped working with USB 2.0 devices, and then the same problem appeared in the other USB 3.0 port.

Now I have no way to use any USB 2.0 device. Also, I cannot transfer files from my phone (which I connect using a USB 3.0 to USB type C cable. And I was able to do this previously.)

I have not made any USB related changes to the system before observing the problems.

I have tried using different OSs (Linux and Windows) and also installing and reinstalling every driver provided in Lenovo website. I also tried upgrading the firmware and disabling USB suspension in Linux. Nothing worked.

I think (I am really not a expert in this kind of matters) that it is good to mention that my battery is old and not healthy.

I have no idea what the actual cause of the problem is, so you are so kind if you help me. Thank you.

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Hi @aerfanr ,

Do the USB ports supply power to the USB devices that are connected to them?

Plug in a mobile phone or a USB mouse with a laser lens and check if they give an indication of power being supplied by the laptop i.e. phone starts to charge or mouse lights up. The device may not “connect” as there may be a problem with the USB controller or USB data link but most USB devices need power from the laptop just so that they can "talk" to the laptop. Without it nothing happens.


Thanks for your comment @jayeff

Yes my phone starts charging when I connect it and when I connect a mouse, its light starts blinking. Also I have a USB 2.0 flash drive with a LED on it, the LED blinks once when I connect it and I cannot use the drive.


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I’m guessing the old battery could be the problem but follow these steps are to eliminate possible causes of problem:

  •  Go to the Lenovo web site and run the Diagnostics:


Record what they suggest and get back to us.

  •  Download BIOS update (if you haven’t already done this). Read directions:


  •  Disconnect main battery:


This video shows how to replace battery but all you need to do is disconnect it at beginning of the video.

  • Reset BIOS by disconnecting CMOS battery:

1.      Unplug charger then unscrew and open the back of the laptop (see above video).

2.      Locate the battery wires and unplug the battery wires

3.      Take out/disconnect the CMOS coin battery (a small metallic cell possibly enclosed in black heat shrink)

4.      Press the power button for 15 seconds continuously to drain the remaining power

5.      Place the CMOS battery again

6.      Plug the wires of the main battery again. Note: You could try not connecting it and try running the laptop on just the charge. Bad batteries can do strange things.

7.      Place the cover back and put all screws

8.      Power on

9.      If it does not power on press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds and then press again. It should turn on now.

Let us know how it goes.

Part Two:

So Diagnostics shows:

  • Motherboard Usb Host Controller Count:1 Good


  • Motherboard Usb Test: Success Good

But !!!

  • Motherboard Rtc Test: Warning (CMOS) ===> so replace it.

CMOS has became the wide spread word for RTC so there is no difference. This may explain your problem. Bad CMOS (see I'm doing it too!) batteries can cause all kinds of strange problems. Usually about $2 or $3 to replace. Beats a new motherboard for $212- $300 which could still be the problem but I doubt it.

Oh and did we also check from the BIOS if you can see any USB drives plugged in to the USB port?

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Thank you for your great response. I have done as you said.

Here is the diagnostic log:


I shows that the battery is not in a good condition, also it does not detect my fan, which is weird but I think it's unrelated. It also did not detect any USB problem.

My BIOS is at the latest version.

I followed your instructions on resetting the BIOS. But I am not sure if I succeeded. BIOS date and time did reset but my boot entries and other BIOS settings are the same as before. So I do not know if I successfully reset the BIOS.

I turned on the laptop without connecting the battery and the problem with USBs remained.

Then I connected the battery and turned the laptop on again. This time I heard a beep like sound at the startup. The problem with USBs is still the same.

Thank you again for your response.



Hi Amirerfan,

The diagnostic log was very helpful.

As a result I have updated the answer above.


@aactech I did change the CMOS battery but it didn't have any result. The diagnostic still shows a warning for Motherboard RTC and the USB problem did not fix.

I do not have any USB 2.0 drive with a bootable media on it. So I can't check if BIOS shows the USB 2.0 drive. But I tested a USB 3.0 drive and it works just fine and it is bootable.


@aerfanr It doesn't matter if it is bootable or not is should just show up on the list of drives. You are not booting it just seeing if it is there. It is the area of BIOS where you select boot drive. It will show DVD drive even if no disk is in drive tray. If nothing is there then probably USB needs replacing/resoldering, at the least.


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This sounds like bad USB ports. Are you able to solder?

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I do not have any experience in soldering. Also I do not have any tools for it.


@aerfanr You will need to replace your motherboard. Do you want to keep the data?


@andrewsawesome Yes. My data is safe on my SSD. But, am I able to keep my CPU and GPU and replace the motherboard? If not, I do not see the point. If I need to buy a new CPU and GPU, why not buy a new laptop?


@aerfanr A new motherboard is $212-300 while a new laptop is about $600.


@andrewsawesome Interesting. But still not an option. I am poor.


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