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The TravelStar DJSA-220 is a 2.5-inch form factor hard drive released by IBM around the year 2000. It has a capacity of 20 GB.

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Would anything happen to the storage

Hello people of ifixit I was wondering if I changed the hard drive motherboard with another hard drive motherboard would I lose any data.

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Why are you doing this? What are the symptoms? Do you have a back-up of its contents? If it is exactly the same model it COULD possibly work but no promises.

Now you tell us! SATA and IDE do not mix.

Let me get this straight.

  • The data is on the IDE drive - is that correct?
  • Is it in a working computer or not?
  • Do you have a working computer?

If it does not have an IDE interface just buy an IDE to SATA adapter/converter cable and plug it in.

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I’m doing this just cuz no symptoms I don’t have a backup and this is a very important hard drive I could not afford for it to break.


@rex12345 as @aactech says your data will be okay BUT the problem is you may also have to locate the controller board BIOS IC. This BIOS contains the unique configuration data for the drive. Without changing it from your old board to the new board, the files on the drive cannot be recovered. So if you replace the board and it does not read your files, keep checking for it.


Ok so also I tore apart a old hard drive like a year ago and the board is Sata so I was thinking (the hard drive I have that working is ide)if I could chang the board from ide to sata I could transfer my data.


@rex12345 ah.......No. that does not work. I was under the impression you wanted to fix your drive. Like @aactech added to the great answer, get a IDE to SATA adapter but do not change the board for this.


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