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This netbook was released in February 2009 and was available in various colors and system configurations. The Mini 10 contains an Intel Atom Processor and operates on Windows XP.

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This Tutorials are Wrong

You need to add the individual model numbers because i’m so confused on what to select

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SMG% what are you looking for? You need to give us more information so we can at least try to give you a decent answer


I'm looking for a correct tutorial on how to replace the hard drive in a dell inspiron mini 10v 1010. But there is two of what looks to be the same one. But both are different and not my model.


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I cannot find any information on the Dell support website regarding an Inspiron Mini 10v 1010.

There is a service manual for a Mini 10 1010 (not 10v) which is the same service manual for a Mini 10v 1011. The model type number for the above two models is PP19S

There is also a service manual for a Mini 10v 1018 which is different to the one above. The model type number for the above model is P09T001.

Hopefully one of these two manuals will match your model.

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