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Released in 2006, the 19" Dell Ultrasharp 1907FPc is a solid budget LCD monitor with four USB 2.0 ports, as well as VGA and DVI inputs.

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Would it work if I swapped a monitor motherboard with a tv panel

Hello I was wondering if I swapped a tv screen/panel with a monitor Motherboard would it work or not.

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Ok so basically I have a Monitor and a tv and I was wondering if I were to swap the motherboard from the monitor and plug In the tv panel would it work


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Only if the TV has the same electrical and data connection as the original screen from the monitor. You would need the datasheet for both of those and compare the wiring. You may also have to replace the EEPROM on the LCD driver board from the original screen to the TV screen.
Comparing the datasheets will be vital. Let is know what make and model your TV as well as your monitor is and let us know what happened to the original monitor screen.

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