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Televisions made by the Chinese multinational electronics company, TCL.

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Black screen issue, but only intermittently

Hello, I’ve seen other posts about the black screen issue on TCL TVs, but mine is a bit different. I have a 55S405 purchased in 2017. As others have described, when I turn on the power the screen is typically black but audio works fine. However — I can get it working under some circumstances. Powering on the TV via a connected CEC input device works 50% of the time. AirPlaying something from my iPhone works 75% of the time. But simply powering on from the TCL remote almost never works.

When it does work, the picture is normal, full brightness and full color. However, there is usually a “double image” — a faint outline of the proper image, duplicated and shifted about 2 inches to the right. It’s mostly visible when standing close to the screen and higher up.

I have tried rebooting, unplugging for several hours, factory reset via the software menu, and factory reset via the reset switch on the back, to no avail. I’ve seen other answers suggesting the black screen is due to failed LED strips. However, in my case the screen clearly does work, at least to some degree. Does anyone have suggestions for boards etc. that I should try replacing? Thank you!

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@jh120 intermittent failures are the toughest to figure out. This « a faint outline of the proper image, duplicated and shifted about 2 inches to the right » is commonly a T-con board error. A failed T-Con board can also give you a black screen with audio.
I suggest you also disconnect everything from your TV (cable box, sat box, firesticks etc.) and unplug your TV. Then hold the power button down for about 1 minute. Replace one video input, preferably a local device like DVD/BR player etc. Plug your TV in and see if it works better. Firmware issues on cable and sat boxes can cause your screen to not display as well.

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Thank you for replying! I’m going to open up the TV to find the T-Con board number and order a replacement. I did try disconnecting everything, holding power, and checking again, but unfortunately no change. I don’t have any cable or sat box, just an Nvidia Shield streaming box and a PS5.


@oldturkey03 Just wanted to give a very sincere thank you, as your suggestion of replacing the T-con board has worked! Power and picture issues are both resolved and only cost me $20. Your answer saved me a bunch of money and saved this TV from the dumpster!


@jh120 awesome. Thank you for taking the time to fix your TV and for coming back here to let us know it worked. Our environment, myself and your wallet appreciate that.


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Im here to share my experience, what i went through and how i managed to resolve it.

Day before yesterday, i encountered a black screen on my TCL Roku TV. I tired unplugging  and plugging my device, checked all the cables connections but could't able to resolve it. Then, i found this page on browser and followed the given steps and able to resolve the issue. Here, i'm dropping the link of that page, so it will help others too. TCL Roku TV Black Screen FIXED

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I was having the problem of intermittent blackouts. I followed the instructions in your link and it fixed the problem. Thank you for sharing.


Can you repost that link?


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