LCD Only Works in Display Diagnostic Mode

After attempting to install an update, my LCD no longer powers on when booting. It does work when holding D and power and displays colours, but otherwise not on boot. Diagnostic LEDs are working to indicate no RAM (when removed).

I've already disconnected the CMOS battery for over a minute. Any ideas?

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Can you try restarting the laptop in safe mode?


@minacrime Windows 10/8: On the login screen or Windows menu, click the power menu, then, while holding shift, click "Restart".

Windows 7: Before the Windows 7 boot screen, press F8. Go into safe mode by pressing enter.


I cannot view anything on the display. @andrewsawesome


@minacrime Does anything display when connecting to an external screen(you may need to press F8 three times and press enter after bootup)?


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