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Reparaturanleitungen und Hilfen für die 24 Zoll M1 iMacs von Apple, erschienen im April 2021.

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Is there a fix for the magnetic connector going out?

I have a lab of M1 iMacs that are beginning to exhibit a new problem. The magnetic power connector appears to be failing. One power supply wasn’t working, so one that was working, was swapped to an iMac that wasn’t powering on. This cord did not provide power to the non-working iMac either. When the power supply was then put back with it’s normally assigned iMac that was working, this iMac wouldn’t turn on anymore. The problem seems to follow the power supply. Any suggestions?

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I don't think Apple has done anything that prevents you from mixing power units with different systems.

In any case I think you need to take the system into Apple to let them fix things (your system is still under warranty).

Anything I would suggest would likely void the warranty and might not work.

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