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Screen not working correctly after battery replacement

I’ve just changed the battery of my P20 pro and at first everything seemed to be working fine. Now I’ve realized that the touchscreen is not working correctly anymore. It either registers no input or multiple inputs or inputs way from the initial touch.

Any ideas what may have caused this? Isopropyl maybe (it was only 70%)?

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Left the backside open for a few hours (mainly because I didn’t have time), seems to have fixed the issue.

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Hi @koniety ,

You may have to open it up again and check that the screen flex cable is still securely connected to the motherboard and also that the cable is not damaged in any way. It is very close to the battery at one end and you may have dislodged it or damaged it when removing the battery.

Here’s the Ifixit Huawei P20 Pro Display wechseln guide.

Scroll down to view the image at Step.26 to see where it connects. Also Step.33 shows how the flex cable runs under the battery

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I checked the connection, it was connected just fine. I unplugged and replugged it just to make sure, but still the same probem. So now I would need to take it apart futher.

If I take the battery out again, can I reuse it or do I have to change it again?


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