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Die zehnte Auflage von Samsungs Flaggschiff kam im März 2019 mit Android 9.0 (Pie) auf den Markt.

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My phone has a black screen but not when charging

I dropped my phone 18 months ago and its been fine until a small fall yesterday. I picked it up and the screen was black and 2/3 where flickering white. I put my phone on the power pad and my screen started to work. It was flickering at first but I turned my brightness up it stopped. Even when I take my phone off the pad it still works but if I lock it it black screens again and wont work until I charge it.

I know ive damaged my LCD screen as it now has a white line where the crack is.

I have just over 3 months left before I can upgrage my phone. Im wondering if I do a soft or hard reset if it will stop my phone black screening and get me through the next 3 months as I use my phone alot for work.

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If there is physical damage to the device, no amount of software changes can fix that. I’d recommend taking it to a repair shop if you need it for work and are unable to upgrade for a few months. Besides getting a full display replacement, you can’t do much to fix a problem like that.

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@nonnahs probably not. Samsung screens are very finicky and you will see that the damage will get worse. I suggest you replace the display assembly and continue to use your phone until you update. After that you can sell your phone and recover the cost for the repair. Working phones sell a lot easier than the ones that need fixing. Samsung Galaxy S10 Display tauschen

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