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The Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver is a hair styling waving iron . It can be identified by its model number BH305C. The Deep Waver was released by its parent company, TIGI Professional.

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I want to use the bed head waver II in India. Hw many amps does it hav

I want to use the bed head waver II in India. I ordered this from USA. Hw many amps does it use I want the current also when I am using it in a normal socket using my bestek travel adapter the light turns red and the waver shuts off. How can I use it successfully please help. Also I have a garment steamer that is no longer working how can I get it repaired

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I can’t find a user manual for the hair styler so check the information label (hopefully it has one) on the styler to see if it shows the specifications i.e. voltage (V) and power (W).

Being made for the USA market it will be 120V AC but knowing the wattage (power consumption) will let you know how much current it requires.

Use Ohm’s Law to work out the current that is required by the styler. Click Clear to remove the figures already in the voltage and current boxes in the calculator and insert 230 as the voltage value and then insert the W rating value as shown on the styler. Then click on calculate

Your travel adapter/converter specs state that it is only capable of supplying 250W total over its 3 AC outlets, so at 230V this is only 1.08Amps. It may be that it is shutting down to protect itself, due to being overloaded if the styler uses more power than 250W.

What is the make and model number of the garment steamer? Does it indicate that the power is connected to it e.g. power on/off light? What voltage is it designed to work with?

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