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Reparaturanleitungen und Demontageinformationen für das im Oktober 2021 veröffentlichte 16-Zoll-MacBook Pro mit den von Apple entwickelten SoCs M1 Pro und M1 Max. Modell A2485.

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How do I remove keycaps?

I wish to swap two of the standard-sized keys on my new MacBook Pro M1 16” (2021). I’ve swapped the keys in software but wish to also change them physically. I’ve lightly tried prying them off with a guitar pick, but with no luck (and didn’t want to force this too hard if I instead need to take the laptop apart from the bottom to do this).
Any help appreciated, but no rush in solving.

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İ never tried on this model as i dont have it but i think using an ifixit jimmy tool may work


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They remove identically to the scissor key caps on other MacBooks (16” 2019 Pro, 13” 2020 Air/Pro (Intel) and the M1 Air/Pro). They are quite tricky, but here’s the general idea. There is a hinge along the top edge of the keycap that snaps into the underlying scissor mechanism(for most keys). Your best bet is to try and pop the bottom two corners out of the scissor. I usually go in from the side and work my way towards the bottom with something really thin and flexible. Once the bottom two clips are unsnapped you should be able to tilt the keycap up a bit and pull it free from the hinge, just be careful because they are easy to damage.

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I was swapping them pretty drunk yesterday and its not that hard task if you are patient. It was similar to my old 2015 MBP, but you have to be more gentle. I can confirm, that its same mechanism as other M1 Macbooks, so check out youtube and you will see a tutorial on how to swap them. You can get identical keycaps on Aliexpress.


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The key caps are a bit tricky! I really recommend you not do this. Instead see if you can get the Apple store genius to do it for you.

The reason is two fold first if you damage things you would loose your warranty. The second is you can’t get the needed key caps yet so you won’t have a working system until they become available.

As far as needing to get to them from the other side sorry that won’t do it.

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Thanks Dan. That’s a shame but thanks for letting me know.

I was going to swap two of the keycaps, not try to get a new one but I’ll just cope for now.


. . . . regarding a 'working system' requiring a keycap ¿

Solution 1

It's still a keyboard. It's still a computer. You just have to get used to hitting the small switch's button-shaft that still projects.

Might slow down a fast typist, but for a two-finger hunt-&-pecker it's barely noticeable..

Solution 2

Low-vision keyboard sticker sheets have peel-off larger key labels. Local blind society will sell you one.

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Be an individual! Be the one with the different keyboard. Tell the world you are a Maker, and walk tall ;–)



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This video is helpful. I routinely change the entire keyboard to Dvorak layout on every Apple keyboard i own, so now I feel comfortable buying the new M1 MacBook Pro.

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Was a bit hard to get my spudger under the keycap at first. I ended up using a halberd spudger to get the regular spudger in under the keycap. Once that was done I could easily follow the insctuctions in that video! Thanks a lot for linking it! :)


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