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Magnetischer AC-Netzadapter der 2. Generation für MacBook-Produkte, erstmals 2012 veröffentlicht. Nicht kompatibel mit Systemen der vorherigen Generation. Erhältlich in den Versionen 45 W, 60 W und 85 W.

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Is there a known Mag-Safe II to Mag-Safe III adapter available yet

I’m working on a new 14” M1 MacBook Pro and was so glad to see the return of the Mag-Safe adapter but it is an updated version of the Mag-Safe II only a little longer and slimmer. I am looking for an an adapter to use on the Mag-Safe II to convert it to a Mag-Safe III but have been unable to locate one yet. Are the any alternatives?

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Boy @mayer you couldn’t wait ;-}

I’m not sure if it would work either way.

Apples MagSafe & MagSafe-2 used a one wire dialog that was unique to them. While the MagSafe-3 is similar in that its five contacts I’m not sure what Apple has done here.

If you review the iFixit teardown 2021 MacBook Pro Teardown: A Glimpse at a Better Timeline The green three chips on the left are top to bottom MagSafe, USB-C port 1 & USB-C port 2 and all three are using the same Apple APL1098/343S00515 Power Management chip so I’m surmising the dialog is based on the USB-C power spec not Apples one wire comm connection.

Block Image

Sorry Mayer ;-{ If someone is able to do it, its likely going to take a bit of time before they get released.

So how is it? And which one did you get?

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@danj It's one day old, M1 Pro that I'm transferring user data over from her old Mac. Apple wants $49 just for a cable: https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MLYV3...


@mayer - You mean its not even yours ;-{

I'm seriously thinking of going with the 16" M1 Max 32GB 1TB drive. The notch is the only thing holding me back.

The cable is the weak link in the older chargers at least Apple smarted up giving us the ability to replace it without the charger and yes, its to expensive!


@danj The cable appears to be much better quality, made of woven material rather than the old plastic.


@mayer - Yes! But will it last longer, I hope so for such an expensive cable.


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I guess it’s not going to be easy. Looking at the teardown of the MagSafe3 cable, it looks like a Type-C PD cable in disguise, so none of the old protocols work.

MagSafe to Magsafe2 adapter is basically just a passthrough, not possible with MagSafe2 to MagSafe3.

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