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The Nikon D700 is a 12.1 MP FX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera with a 3.0-Inch LCD.

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The autofocus light does not illuminate and autofocus is off.

The autofocus light does not illuminate therefore autofocusing is not working. The lens will not stop focusing and if you press the shutter, all the images are blurred because autofocus did not occur.

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The focus light can be disabled in the settings (one of the first things I do with my cameras that have it), as I hate it.

I am going to assume the lenses are not trying to focus when you half-press the shutter release (and have not changed the autofocus settings in the camera). If so, factory resetting the camera should work to reset it. Otherwise, could go into your menu to check/change the settings.

First, is the focus mode switch set to Manual Focus? On many lenses, there is also a focus mode switch. Is that set to autofocus?

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