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Reparatur- und Zerlegeanleitungen für das iPhone SE der 2. Generation, im April 2020 angekündigt und veröffentlicht.

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Home button not working anymore after falling in water

Hi! I fell into some water with my iPhone SE 2020 in hand. After first getting a message that the iPhone couldn’t charge due to water damage (so I unplugged the charger), a day later I can apparently safely charge it (the message doesn’t pop up anymore), but now my home button isn’t working anymore. I got a message that there was a problem with it, and iOS put a virtual home button on the screen. After restarting, the virtual home button is gone, as is the message, but the button still doesn’t work. It works for Touch ID and I can feel haptic feedback (is that what it’s called? I can feel the short vibrations under the home button), but the button itself is not clickable. Is there something I can do about this? I don’t think Apple will likely repair this? I do have some minor experience repairing my older iPhones, but since Touch ID came out I haven’t replaced a home button since I think this can’t be replaced?

Thank you for your help!

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You can replace home button if you are willing to give up touch ID, however it is possible that the button is dirty and/or was shorted by the contact with water, try cleaning it with a 90% isopropyl alcohol and a dry, soft cloth. another option is a third-party software you can use for you to try on fixing your unresponsive home button such as FoneDog iOS System Recovery. This may fix the issue.

Hope This Helps :)

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Same like me. your can use hair dryer beacause mine working with it

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