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Der größere von Apples MacBook Air Laptops mit Doppelmikrofon und 802.11ac Wi-Fi Konnektivität.

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MacBook Air A1466 capacitor identification request

Hi all, got a Macbook Air A1466 with no power have tried all the usual tricks SMC, battery pull etc etc, but nothing no life apart from orange light on charger, now after doing some looking around I was prompted to look for any defective/blown capacitors on the board, found one that looks like it has burnt out, so can someone with the tech knowledge tell me if this is probably the culprit and also what capacitor I need to replace it please.

Block Image

Block Image

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C7513 - 62UF 20%  11V POLY CASE-B

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Block Image

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Thanks for the information Dan, I’m based in the UK so would you have any idea where I could source one of these.


@burnsclan I would say Mouser is probably a fair bet, I believe they ship to the UK. Although just a quick search didn't find exactly the cap the schematics call for, there's probably something that would be suitable.


@burnsclan - Sorry, don't know of any UK suppliers for the cap. But! you might want to catch up with TheBookYard See if they can help you. Tell them we sent you to them.


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