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Das iPhone 13 mini ist eine kleinere Version des iPhone 13 von Apple und das zweite mini iPhone. Es wurde am 24. September 2021 veröffentlicht. Es verfügt über ein 5,4" OLED Display, einen A15 Bionic-Prozessor und ein Zwei‑Kamera-System.

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Charging Cable For iPhone 13/13 Mini and Old iPhone SE?

I bought an iphone 13/13 mini and going to keep one of them. My current phone is an old iphone SE thats been used for many years. Battery is very bad. So when im outside, I would have my connecting charger cable and a powerbank to connect to my iphone SE to charge it if necessary. This is my current powerbank below.

The brand seem to be called Poweradd on it. But the link i post is a different brand as I can't seem to find this one anymore but should be the same.


My question is, could i use my current powerbank with either of these two new iphone 13/13 mini? I assume I can with the same charging cable and 5W adapter I’m currently using with the old SE? Only difference is it wouldn’t be charging fast right? The thing is my charging cable is really bad condition so I need to buy a new one. Which of these cables work? I checked online and the usb type a to lightning cable is the one im currently using with my iphone SE? But does that mean the first link lightnight to usb won’t work?



I did buy a 20W usb c adapter for the new iphone to be used with the usb c to lightning cable that came with the new iphone 13/13 mini. Thus it would fast charge when im inside the apartment. But I want to be able to charge my new iphone 13/13 mini and my old iphone SE with my old powerbank that I carry. So will either of those two cables work? Or only the second one?

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Anyone can answer this?

Which of these two charging cables will work for my purpose?


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Both of the cables you mentioned will work with the power bank.

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Are you positive on this? Can anyone else confirm that? So what is the difference between first and second link? Because the first link cost more so I'm surprised if this is true.


It is true! That cable is likely cheaper due to lower-quality casings, and likely is on some sort of clearance. @Donny Pauly


So the more expensive cable thus the first one would work then with my old powerbank? What happened to the response of someone mentioning only the second link or the cheaper one would work?

Now i don't see that response anymore.


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Yes it should work fine

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